The Swedish School is situated in Carcavelos, at the coastline between Lisbon and Cascais. Five minute walk to the beach and two minutes to the train station. Here we enjoy a calm neighborhood among beautiful gardens, we have a pool, playground and an outside ball court.

  • Preschool
  • Year 1-6Primary school class
  • Year 2-3 and 4-6
  • Extra curricular activities
  • School meals
  • Important DatesYear 2021-22
  • School BoardParent organization’s board

We offer preschool from three to five years of age that follows the educational curriculum of the Swedish standards (Lpfö98, revised 2011) 

The activities are Monday to Friday between 09:00-15:00.  
After 15:00 we have extracurricular activities available together with the children from the school. The preschool is located at ground level of the school building, in direct access to the garden and playground.   

Under the years of preschool the children are spending their energy learning to control their body, developing languages, rules of social interaction, to sort and organize experiences in their lives and to develop the concept of symbols and rules in our society. Children are naturally curious, full of desire to discover and eager to learn new things.  

During play the children discover new knowledge and experiences and train their social and emotional competence. The teachers are having an important part as role models and they meet the children’s needs with well-planned activities and time and space for free play. 

At the preschool the children are outside every day. Being outside is an important part of our ideology because it enable motor development and promote health. Esthetical expressions such as art, song, and music are also important parts during the day. 

We put effort into the educational aspects follow the child’s motivation and capacities, and not trying to do the opposite, put all the children in the same box to follow a fixed frame. We always support the children to be able to do things for themselves, in dressing, eating situations and also expressing themselves.  

The day is scheduled with fixed routines for starting the day assembly, activities, play and meals. Sometimes the whole group is together, but often the children are divided into smaller groups in order that each child is provided with the pedagogical support needed.

In the primary school class the children turns 6 years old that year. 

The students have taken part of fundamental knowledge and policies from preschool, and now primary school takes over to continue develop the children by embracing their joy and curiosity for learning. 

In the class there is today 18 children that are led by a class teacher, they also have an extra teacher assistant available at some parts of the day. 

The type of teaching remains very practical and based on play, the child’s own interests and motivation is steering the course in the education. Both environment inside and outside is used to create a broad foundation that is needed to prepare the students for the coming school. The children are learning fact terminology and concepts, rules in the school, as well as reading and writing. We work on strengthening the self-esteem and the children’s faith in themselves that they will be able to navigate in a challenging future.

The pedagogical approach continues to be inspired by a holistic approach to learning and teaching. We meet the child at their functional level, not at their age, which is favorable since we have age integrated classes.  

We conduct education according to the swedish law LGR 11 with focus on the childs best interest  and a holistic aproach regarding the school disiplines. Since we have age integrated classes, the child is being met at the level where it is from the developmenetal aspect.

The class teacher holds the primary educational responsibility, and its to this teacher the parents or guardians are turning to regarding issues related to the school. Every semester the students have development evaluation, which is a meeting between the parents, student and teacher where the goals of the students are being discussed.  

We embrace the strengths and abilities of each student. Our school is built on strong sense of fellowship and including atmosphere where everyone has friends and the mixture of the different ages is a dynamic resource. 

Our school has as its purpose to create a friendly, safe and stimulating environment for learning to everyone at the school. We are all engaged in creating a context that promotes an open mind and a strive towards lifelong learning. 

Between 15:00 and 17:00 we have extend school day plus extra activities which external teachers hold, some within the school building, and some outside.  

The extended schoolday is working towards the same goals as the school and are complementary. We striving to develop the students’ social and emotional competencies. The staff is actively working for that the children should function well in groups and accept each other’s differences. In the play, both the free spontaneous and the organized play, the children are developing their abilities in social interaction. 

The after school activities also let the children use their creativity. They can make activities like baking, painting, drawing, sculpturing, sewing and building or make collages. Sometimes the wood handcraft room to do carpentry. There are always opportunity to play, ball games or to just be. If the weather allows we like to use the pool. There are also some projects to join in, like cultivating the herb and vegetable garden. Under the holidays there is possibility to join in the extracurricular activities all day long.

At those holidays we make special programs like excursions or do something special like we normally don´t do during schooldays. Sometimes during these holidays we have “extra children”, meaning children with Swedish connection that are not usually attending our school.



Our chef Christian is cooking with a cultural diversity and strive for the children to open minded try many different kinds of food. 

Already in the pre-school the students are training to serve food and water to themselves with support of the teachers.  

We help the children pay attention to how much they actually eat to prevent food waste.  All children are putting their plate back to the kitchen after finishing eating. In year 4-6 the children are alternating lunch hosts that wipes the tables and prepare the room for lunch.  

At each lunch there is vegetarian alternatives and adjusted meals for those with allergies. 

One day a week the lunch is vegetarian, twice a week there is fish and twice a week meat. Vegetables are served to all meals. We strive to always use ecological and near produced product when possible.  

The snacks are different every day, and can be such as homemade bread, homemade smoothies on real fruit, yogurt with cereals and nuts. Fruit is being served several times a day.  

School open:  08.30 

Preschool: 09.00-17.00 

Primary & 2-309.00-15.00 

Year 4-609.00-16.00

Charged after school activities: 16.00-17.00


Fall term 2021

25/8             School Start

5/10              Holiday 

1/11               Holiday

1-5/11           Break    

1/12              Holiday 

8/12             Holiday

21/12           Last day

Spring term 2022

5/1             School Start 

21-25/2     Carnival Break

9/3              In Service training day

11-15/4       Easter Break

25/4            Holiday

10/6             Holiday

11/6             Last day 

The total amount of schooldays are 178.

Chairman: Björn Jacobsen 

 Jonas Andersson-Junkka 

Managing Finances: Michael Zell 

Members: Anneli Andersson, Sandra Hellsvik Diana Conticelli, Malin Hedlund, Peter Lövgren

Representing the School: Kristin Arnberg, headmaster

Note from the Headmaster

Välkomna till Svenska Skolan! Höstterminen 2021 blev det min tur att få chansen att ta över rektorsrollen på denna fantastiska skola. Jag är både stolt över, ödmjuk inför och nyfiken på den här tjänsten som jag kommer göra mitt allra bästa för att lyckas med. Mottagandet från den kompetenta och engagerade medarbetargruppen har varit oerhört varmt och vi har alla skoluppdragets viktigaste för ögonen- att ge barn och elever en förskole- och skoltid att minnas. Detta med hög kvalitet och starkt fokus på trivsel och likabehandling. Jag kommer närmast från Kunskapsskolan och det här blir min fjärde rektorstjänst. I grunden är jag gymnasielärare i svenska, litteratur och spanska. Jag har även verkat som enhetschef och Partner Director inom skräddarsydd utbildning för företag och myndigheter. Tidigare har jag bott och verkat i olika länder men det är första gången jag bosätter mig i Portugal. Det verkar vara ett utmärkt val så här långt. Att befinna sig i nya internationella miljöer och få träffa olika slags människor med olika bakgrund och språk har alltid utvecklat mig enormt. Detsamma hoppas vi ge de barn och elever vars vårdnadshavare valt att ge oss på Svenska Skolan förtroendet för barnens förskole- och skolgång. Väl mött! Kristin Arnberg Rektor

Kristin Arnberg