If you would like to enroll your child, please fill in the following application form and send it to the school.


The fees are listed in the table. Except the tuition, following are included in the school fee:

School books
School Materials
Home cooked lunch and two light meals/fruit
School nurse

Admission Fee

The queueing fee is 200€, an aditional fee of 300€ is added upon confirmation of enrollment. These are non-recurrent charges to register in the school and are non refundable.

Prices (*) Creche School
Fulltime, 30 hours, yearly fee 6807 € 6807 €
Fulltime, 30 hours, with scholarship, yearly fee --- 6399€
After school activities, monthly fee - 2 hours/day to 17h00 --- 100 €
After school activities, monthly fee 2 hours/day to 17h00 150 € ---
Daily fee for after school activities, 16:00-17:00 10 € 7 €
Summer extra curricular activities weekly price --- 145 €
Summer preschool weekly price 150 € ---

(*) Fees are decided by members during the general assembly meetings and will alter during the year depening on the members decision. After an extra meeting 24 november 2022 the yearly fee was updated to 6807€. The invoices are divided in three bills. First invoice is regarding the autumn semester - 2723€. Second invoice december - 2042€. Third invoice april - 2042€. For those students already attending school that wants to secure their place for next schoolyear, there is a payment in advance of 500€ in february/march. This amount will be deducted of the autumn semester invoice.