Fund raising projects 

We are welcoming you to help us create an even better environment for our students!

The Swedish shool has today a few partners that are supporting our school and helping us in varios ways.

The school associaction is owning the building.  Reparations and improvements are obviously needed continuously.

With our collaboration partners we also have the possibility to create specific projects, like IT equippment, environment, or other theme.

We have both companies and private persons that are supporting the association.

Do you want to know more about how you can participate in the large network of the Swedish school, or do you want to discuss ideas of other type of colaboration?

Do not hesitate contacting us!

As parent and a member of the association you are obviously contacting our sponsors if you are in need of their services.

Kristin Arnberg

Headmaster – Svenska Skolan Lissabon 



Servulo +351 210 933 000tps@servulo.com
Jacobsen Properties
Jacobsen Properties+351 21 132 0598info@jacobsenproperties.pt
Mercator - Portugalmäklarna
Mercator - Portugalmäklarna+351 934 662 268estoril@mercator-group.net
Öhman Bank
Öhman Bank+46 8 408 58 49Daniel.callervik@ohman.se
Dr. Martin Tandläkare
Dr. Martin Tandläkare+351 21 458 0764info@clinicadrmartin.com
Allianz Försäkring
Allianz Försäkring+351 21 484 7887mbs@allianznet.pt